A Virtual Bloom Board for May 2010:-



Pictures, common and scientific name of

plants in bloom along with their locations in the San Diego Botanic Garden


Images provided by Barbara Osthaus

NOTE: The words underlined are links to more information on the web.



Pride of Madeira Echium candicans Canary Islands Tower of Jewels Echium simplex Canary Islands No common name Cheirolophus canariensis Mediterranean Bear's breech Acanthus mollis Mediterranean Bromelliad Guzmania sp. Lawn Garden Ranunculus Ranunculus sp. Lawn Garden Jerusalem sage Phlomis fruticosa Lawn Garden Tree mallow Lavatera sp. Mediterranean Jupiter's Beard Centranthus ruber Canary Islands Canna Canna sp. Australia Mock orange Pittosporum sp. 'alba' Australia Dayflower Commelina sp. Australia Evergreen maple Acer paxii Himalayan Garden Hymenocallis Hymenocallis sp. Lawn Garden Star Clusters Pentas lanceolata Lawn Garden Cape Plumbago Plumbago capensis S. Africa Golden salvia Salvia africana-lutea S. Africa Chalk Dudleya Dudleya pulverulenta Californa Gardenscape Buckwheat Eriogonum sp. Californa Gardenscape Otay Mesa Rose Rosa minutifolia Californa Gardenscape Mohave prickly poppy Argemone corymbosa Californa Gardenscape Monkey flower Mimulus aurantiacus Californa Gardenscape Rock purslane Calandrinia gradiflora S. America Unidentified tba Rain Forest Queen Emma Lily Crinum augustum Lawn Garden Mickey-mouse plant Ochna sp. African Bank Pink wild pear Dombeya burgessiae African Bank Fairy Wand Dierama pendulum Lawn Garden Fuchsia tree Schotia brachypetala Lawn Garden