A Virtual Bloom Board for July 2010:-



Pictures, common and scientific name of

plants in bloom along with their locations in the San Diego Botanic Garden


Images provided by Herb Knufken

NOTE: The words underlined are links to more information on the web.



Lion's tail Leonotis leonurus African garden Red flowering gum Corymbia ficifolia Australian Garden Bottle brush Callistemon sp. Australian Garden Pink Melaleuca Melaleuca nesophila Australian Garden Moreton bay chestnut Castanospermum australe Australian Garden Cow itch tree Lagunaria patersonii Australian Garden Water lily Nymphaea sp. Bamboo Garden Fuchsia Fuchsia sp. Bamboo Garden Ginger Zingiber officinale Bamboo Garden Catalina silver lace Eriophyllum (Constancea) nevinii California Gardenscapes Mohave prickly poppy Eriogonum giganteum California Gardenscapes St. Catherine's Lace Eriogonum giganteum California Gardenscape Globe daisy Globularia sp. Canary Islands Lily of the Nile Agapanthus 'Storm Cloud' Hanilton Children's Garden Blue hibiscus Alyogyne hakeifolia Hamilton Children's Garden Yucca Yucca sp. Hamilton Children's Garden Echeveria Echeveria sp. Herb Garden Blue marguerite Felicia amelloides Herb Garden Dutchman's pipe Aristolochia gigantea Herb garden Shasta daisy Leucanthemum x superbum Herb Garden Globe artichoke Cynara cardunculus Herb Garden Aloe Aloe sp. Old world succulents Orchid cactus Epiphyllum sp. Secret succulents Unidentified Cactaceae S. America Bromeliad Bromeliaceae S. America Unidentified Unidentified South America Unidentified Cactaceae South America Amaryllis Amaryllis sp. Tropical Fruit Grape leaf passion flower Passiflora vitifolia Tropical Fruit Daylily Hemerocallis 'Kelly's girl' Tropical Fruit