A Virtual Bloom Board for April 2010:-



Pictures, common and scientific name of

plants in bloom along with their locations in the San Diego Botanic Garden


Images provided by Herb Knufken

NOTE: The words underlined are links to more information on the web.



Portuguese Squill Scilla peruviana tba Douglas Iris Iris douglasiana California Rose "Gertrude Jekyll" Rose sp. hybrid Herb Garden Water lily Nymphaea Bamboo Pineapple guava Acca sellowana Sub tropical fruit Bromelliad link Sub tropical fruit African iris Dietes iridioides Sub tropical fruit Coral tree Erythrina sp. Lawn area Coral tree Erythrina sp. Hamilton children's garden California poppy Eschscholzia californica Hamilton children's garden Rat tail cactus Discocactus flagelliformis 'alba' South American Desert willow Chilopsis linearis Hamilton children's garden Coral tree Erythrina sp. Tropical Yellow ball cactus Parodia sp. New World desert Rufous hummingbird Selasphorus rufus Africa Yellow flag iris Iris pseudacorus Seeds of wonder Canary Island Bellflower Canarina canariensis Canary Island Tasman flax lily Dianella tasmanica Australian Garden Coastal tea tree Leptospermum laevigatum Australian Garden Sweetshade Hymenosporum flavum Australian Garden Violet honey myrtle Melaleuca wilsonii Australian Garden Silver sheen Pittosporum tenuifolium New Zealand Carpet geranium Geranium incanum South African Garden Lavendar star flower Grewia occidentalis South African Garden Kangaroo paw Anigozanthos flavidus Australian garden Jerusalem sage Phlomis fruticosa Hamilton Children's Garden Cup flower Nierembergia repens Hamilton children's garden Cedros Island Verbena Verbena lilacina Gardenscapes Painted lady gladiolus Gladiolus carneus African garden Pot marigold Calendula officinalis Herb garden