Docent League Representative

General Description:

The Docent League is an organization of representatives from approximately thirty San Diego museums, theaters and gardens.  The Docent League Representative should be the Docent Co-Chair and provide the public face of San Diego Botanic Gardens within the Docent League.


  1. Attend bi-monthly Docent League meetings.
  2. Share information regarding SDBG events with other league representatives.
  3. Inform SDBG docents of League sponsored activities, e.g. museum tours, educational seminars, etc.

Specific Skills:

  1. Ability to professionally represent and promote San Diego Botanic Gardens
  2. Strong social and interpersonal skills
  3. Ability to articulate SDBG and Docent League information clearly and with enthusiasm
  4. Interest in museum, theater, garden and community activities

Time Required:

8 – 20 hours annually


Revision Date:  03/28/2018

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