Garden Beautification




Note: We will be sending you a second “Blast” regarding August gardening as soon as we’ve made arrangements for the two unscheduled dates.

I.Garden beautification dates on Saturdays for August 2014

All dates are from 9 a.m. to noon
Saturday, August 2:       Bamboo Garden (Barry Martin and Rick Traficant)
Saturday, August 9:       Subtropical Fruit Garden (June Andersen)
Saturday, August 16:     To be determined
Saturday, August 23:     To be determined
Saturday, August 30:    
 Herb Garden

Captains: Please volunteer YOUR garden area for one of the following dates: August 16, or August 23. Thank you!




II. Wednesdays

Remember that team captains are present to supervise volunteer gardeners most Wednesday mornings in many locations, usually beginning at 9 a.m. Some are also present Wednesday afternoons. These dates will also be posted on the SDBG docent/volunteer website at , in the Admissions/Welcome Center booth, and at the Visitors Center. If at any time you are unsure about where gardening is taking place, please inquire at the Admissions/Welcome Center booth.

III. Roster of Current Team Captains

  1. Australian Garden: Robert Kopfstein,
  2. Bamboo Garden: Barry Martin, and Rick Traficant,
  3. California Natives (CA Gardenscapes): Sharon Clay Rose,
    and Shari Harrold,


  4. Hamilton Children’s Garden: Charlie Garren,
  5. Herb Garden: Peggy Bruce,, and Faith Meakin,
  6. Larabee Beds: Sally Sandler,
  7. Lawn Garden: Dianna Burke,
  8. Lawn House Garden: Sally Sandler,
  9. Mediterranean Garden: Linda Stewart,
  10. Mexican Garden: Bob Hinostro, (on Thursday afternoons, 1:30 p.m.)
  11. New World Desert Garden: Bill Searles,
  12. Overlook Succulent Garden: Marilyn Nelson,
  13. Permaculture Garden and Incredible Edibles: Ruth Eustance,
    and Joie Reavis,


  14. Seeds of Wonder: Lynne McCall,
  15. South African Garden: Susan Starr,
  16. Subtropical Fruit Garden: June Andersen, 760-729-3501
  17. Succulent Demonstration Garden: Fran Hinostro,, (on Thursdays,1:30 p.m.)
  18. Topiaries: Margaret Jones, and Marsha Rafter,
  19. Undersea Succulent Garden: Margaret Jones, and Pam Jara,
  20. Walled Garden: Susan Kartzke,

Beauty mailing list

Beautification in progress

Garden Beautification in Progress 3/31/2012