Garden Beautification




Garden enthusiasts, we ARE lucky enough to have a gardening party this coming Saturday, January 3, thanks to Peter Jones, who will be leading the work in the Hamilton Children’s Garden. Please join Peter and your other Garden friends bringing in the new year with this important and fun opportunity!

I.Garden beautification dates for Saturdays March – April 2015

All dates are from 9 a.m. to noon

Saturday, March 28:    California Natives/Gardenscapes (Shari Harrold and Kay Worley)
Saturday, April 4:          Near the Overlook Tower (Barry Martin and Staff)
Saturday, April 11:        Subtropical Fruit Garden (June Andersen)
Saturday, April 18:        No gardening: Ladybug Day
Saturday, April 25:        Bamboo Garden (Barry Martin and Rick Traficant)


II. Wednesdays

Remember that team captains are present to supervise volunteer gardeners most Wednesday mornings in many locations, usually beginning at 9 a.m. Some are also present Wednesday afternoons. These dates will also be posted on the SDBG docent/volunteer website at , in the Admissions/Welcome Center booth, and at the Visitors Center. If at any time you are unsure about where gardening is taking place, please inquire at the Admissions/Welcome Center booth.

III. Roster of Current Team Captains

  1. Australian Garden: Robert Kopfstein, 
  2. Bamboo Garden: Barry Martin, and Rick Traficant,
  3. California Natives (CA Gardenscapes): Shari Harrold, and Kay Worley,
  4. Hamilton Children’s Garden: Charlie Garren,
  5. Herb Garden: Peggy Bruce,, and Faith Meakin,
  6. Larabee Beds: Sally Sandler,
  7. Lawn Garden: Dianna Burke,
  8. Lawn House GardenSally Sandler,
  9. Mediterranean Garden: Linda Stewart,
  10. New World Desert Garden: Bill Searles,
  11. Overlook Succulent Garden: Harriet Halpern,; Marilyn Nelson,
  12. Old World Desert Garden: Peter Jones,
  13. Permaculture Garden and Incredible Edibles: Joie Reavis,, and Ruth Eustance,
  14. Seeds of Wonder: Lynne McCall,
  15. South African Garden: Susan Starr,
  16. Subtropical Fruit Garden: June Andersen, 760-729-3501
  17. Succulent Demonstration Garden: Fran Hinostro,, (on Thursdays,1:30 p.m.)
  18. Topiaries: Margaret, Marsha Rafter,, and Linda Wagner,
  19. Undersea Succulent Garden: Margaret Jones, and Pam Jara,
  20. Walled Garden: Susan Kartzke,

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Beautification in progress

Garden Beautification in Progress 3/31/2012